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The Crying Room    

« Crying Room » is a virtual project that continues an interest in architecture, light + time developed out of photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto's series « Theatres ».
As the selected video plays on the screen, the ambient light levels of the cinema house fluctuate according to the amount and quality of light « bouncing » off the moving image and onto the surrounding architecture.

Interested in how moving images create a continuity of fluctuating light, « Crying Room » is more about realtime process and varying light changes delineating our perception of architecture than Sugimoto's « capturing » and compressing of time into a single photographic print.

Because this is a study of form, the spectator can load their movie of choice into the software to activate the piece.

Screen Capture of User Software    
Download CryingRoom movie player:     [ver.2.0 | 5.3mb .zip]

. two demo videos included (loRes):




Mac Platform. Built for 15" powerbook resolution only.