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LOVELAND by Charles Stankievech is a project encompassing a large scale video installation of a purple cloud created from military smoke grenades flowing across the Arctic Ocean. Installation also includes ultraviolet fluorescing emeralds and a uniquely designed hand-bound edition of the 1901 science fiction book The Purple Cloud.

LOVELAND is also an artist book with an annotated collection of images ranging from Romantic Painting to WW2 field manuals. Contributing texts by M.P. Shiel, Mark von Schlegell, Mark Lanctôt and Anna-Sophie Springer







A few copies might be left at K.Verlag's distributor
Motto or the E-flux book co-op if it's in your neighbourhood.

Very few limited editions available directly from the studio.

Concept + Design by Charles Stankievech

With Texts by
M.P. Shiel
Mark von Schlegell
Mark Lanctôt +
Anna-Sophie Springer

LOVELAND is an artist book conceptualised and designed by Canadian artist Charles Stankievech that collects primary sources, fiction and critical texts as part of the an artwork produced for the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (MACM) and the Sobey Art Award in the Fall of 2011. Typical of the artist's research methodology, the book links a spectrum of fields across a broad span of history. Somewhere between the two poles of colour field painting and military colonisation in the Arctic, Stankievech has created a dense web that connects the birth of synthetic pigment and chemical warfare to the Romantic landscape and contemporary geopolitical issues. As curator Mark Lanctôt writes in his critical essay: “Stankievech’s work ... directs us away from a-political modernist pictorial utopias towards something more telling: how the relationship between the narrative of history and the site it is connected to can veer into unsuspecting directions, escaping our perceived mastery over it.”

An exquisite edition of 300 with letterpress embossed cover, collation of unique paper stock for each section and 5 colour offset printing.
Texts are bilingual English/Deutsch



Apparatus Criticus:
+ a curated series of images with annotations by Stankievech

The Purple Cloud:
+ a facsimile reprint of the 1901 classic scifi novel by M.P. Shiel

Robot Messiahs:

+ a previously unpublished scifi story by Mark von Schlegell

Nothing's about nothing:

+ critical text by MACM curator Mark Lanctôt

Traversals: Charles Stankievech:

+ an interview with Stankievech and editor Anna-Sophie Springer

Published by K. Verlag, Berlin, 2011.

Distributed by Motto.

ISBN 978-0-9877949-0-1