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HOMELAND SECURITY consists of 36 electrifying fluorescent bug zappers suspended in a grid above a public space. During the dark hours of the night the lethal devices fill the site with their blue glow and crackling sounds hinting at the paradoxes of security and beauty. A prototype version also exists for the white cube of the gallery. Originally installed in Marfa, Texas: border town and home to the Chinati & Donald Judd Foundation.
Publication by Paper Pusher &
Marfa Book Co.


HOMELAND SECURITY was developed during the Fieldwork: Marfa Residency and produced by the Marfa Book Co.

Exhibitions + Events

Sept 18, 2012 Exhibition at Marfa Book Co., Texas
Sept 23, 2012 Venue for Trans-Pecos Festival
Sept 27, 2012 Artist Talk and Booklaunch at MBCo.
Oct 8, 2012 Venue for Chinati Weekend Concerts
Dec 14, 2012 Exhibition at Haus der Kulturen die Welt, Berlin, Germany
Jan 29, 2013 Publication of project in Columbia University's Interventions Journal