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Charles Stankievech

in collaboration with Louise Bessette, pianiste


Jason Downie Gallery

1230 de la Montagne

Montréal, Canada

November 2006




«Piano» materialises Louise Bessette's ethereal performance of a solo piano note. The solo note is extracted from Giacinto Scelsi's Suite no. 9 «Ttai», but the gesture returns us to Scelsi's meditation on a single piano note during his time in a psychiatric hospital in the 40's. In hommage to Scelsi, «Piano» sculpturally explores the sonic properties of timbre.


For more biographic details on Scelsi see: Solo Nota


Fabrication Process:

Once the performance was recorded, the sound data was analysed and then algorimthically modelled in a beta parametric CAD program (Generative Components). The resulting design is an architectural canopy generated from the waveform of a solo piano note decaying. The amplitude is 'spatially convoluted' with the spectral analysis to create a 3-dimensional flow. While the canopy structure is designed to articulate along the temporal axis, the initial phase of the movement is frozen and outputted to a physical 3D model using an additive rapid prototyping procedure fabricated at the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design, University of Toronto. Finally, the sound form is combined with an industrial wool felt base.

CAD Design Images at the CDRN    
The project was generously supported by the Canadian Research Design Network, Bentley, and CIAM.